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WIBERG’s top priority is to offer spices and herbs of the highest quality. For years, an enormous amount of development work has been invested into optimising processing. We asked three professionals whether these efforts also pay off in practice.

Master chef Herman Allmeritter
Hermann Allmeritter, Master chef and head of business operations at the Martin Luther Foundation Hanau

"Good spices such as those from WIBERG are characterised by a wide range of quality features. For me, colour and taste are the most important factors. First and foremost, I can tell whether the product has been handled correctly and gently. With really good spices, I can reduce the salt. This can often be seen in spice mixtures, which are largely made of salt. The higher the content of the good product, the better the product becomes. I have designed my recipes in such a way that they do not prescribe exact amounts. For example, each of our chefs can decide for themselves what they would like to use and in what quantity when the instructions state '150 grams of spice mix'."

Christian Kindl, Master Chef, Holy Fashion Group

"For me, WIBERG has been a highly valued, reliable partner for many years. We cook according to the principle of clean eating and only work with the high-quality oils and vinegars in organic quality. WIBERG does not use any industrial additives: This is exactly in line with our philosophy. The gentle processing of herbs is immediately recognisable when used in the kitchen: The original taste is there when you rub it between your fingers. What’s more, I’m always impressed by the great spice mixtures that you can't make yourself. I appreciate WIBERG because I am surprised time and again by their new compositions, solutions and innovations: We are currently working a lot with Japanese spices and Nordic flairs. And in fact, I get feedback from guests on these special flavours time and again."

Master chef Christian Kindl

"WIBERG does not use industrial additives: this is exactly in line with our philosophy."

Christian Kindl, master chef HOLY Fashion Group
Kitchen Manager Johannes Haindl
Johannes Haindl, Kitchen Manager, Wiener Neustadt Regional Hospital

"The organic spices from WIBERG make up a large proportion of our products. All our recipes are designed with cans in mind. In 25-kilogram sacks, the herbs would quickly lose their aroma. This is also the point at which many chefs miscalculate. Better and more expensive spices and herbs have a taste that is six times more intense. At the end of the day, they are even more economical to use. With really high-quality herbs and spices, a much smaller quantity is required. I recognise the quality by taste, smell and colour. The herbs should retain their original colour and have a good consistency. If you only feel grey breadcrumbs between your fingers, then this does not meet my quality expectations. WIBERG products are exactly the opposite: The colours are intense and the individual plant components can still be identified. Perfect! We prefer to work with monovarietal spices and herbs and here almost exclusively in organic quality."

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