Tradition mit Zukunft


Hotel and catering businesses are the true heroes in the industry around culinary enjoyment. In their quest for the best taste, they try again every day to put a smile on their customers' faces. This is truly a big task because when they serve the food, they also face the criticism of the guest. For decades, WIBERG has been an innovative partner for the hotel and catering industry when it comes to creating a taste experience with spices for the epicurean. That makes us extraordinarily proud.

What began as a small spice company in 1947 in tranquil Stuhlfelden in Pinzgau under the name WIBERG is now part of a globally active group of companies with possibilities that founder Wilhelm Berger would hardly have thought possible. Situated between the Hohe Tauern National Park and the Kitzbühel Alps, Wilhelm Berger's company supplied butchers with ready-made spice mixtures that enabled high-quality end products and faster production. Demand was high and so the range of goods was quickly expanded after which in the 1970s the gastronomy range was added.


An important partner for the catering industry

At a stroke, WIBERG thus became one of the most important partners for the catering, craft and food industries. This was followed by steps towards internationalisation with sales locations all over the world. In 2015, the then third-generation owner, Marcus Winkler, realised that the company needed strong partners to continue to maintain its top position in the market. With deep Austrian roots, WIBERG is now part of FRUTAROM Savory Solutions Austria, operating under the umbrella of IFF (International Flavors & Fragrances). With a stronger back, the credo is "tradition with a future". Tradition does not only refer to the connection with the location or the employees, but also to the connection with the customers. The future, in turn, includes the constant will to "think outside the box" for our customers and to continuously and innovatively expand the range with products from system to high-end gastronomy.

Grund zur Freude: Im Jahr 2020 feierte der Paprika Rubino sein 30-jähriges Jubiläum.
Der Exportanteil liegt heute bei rund 90 %.
Rund 2.000 Rohstoffe werden derzeit im Sortiment geführt.
Grund zur Freude: Im Jahr 2020 feierte der Paprika Rubino sein 30-jähriges Jubiläum.
Why WIBERG always reinvented itself and yet never had to change in order to keep its finger on the pulse of time:
  • Product range for all catering concepts
  • Continuous new products
  • Ongoing recipe development and inspiration from professional chefs
  • Customised solutions
Alois Sailer has been working for the WIBERG brand for over 27 years and is literally a part of the inventory

"We have been a partner to the hotel and catering industry since the early 1970s. To sit back and do nothing in this industry would be fatal, because the competition is fierce and guests are becoming more and more demanding. To hold one's own in this industry, to remain innovative and to be able to follow the high standards is therefore connected with great efforts. We have enormous respect for the fact that whole generations are competing in this field with great commitment. It makes us very proud to be a building block for the success of our customers. Our alpine origins in the Pinzgau region of Salzburg, where tourism is very important, have certainly helped us to be a good partner, because those who are close to their customers understand the business and can offer better service and products over time. Knowing where you come from makes it possible to manage the balancing act between tradition and innovation while remaining true to yourself," Alois Sailer, sales manager in Austria and Switzerland, is firmly convinced.

For over 40 years, we have been closely associated with the hotel and catering industry and have been known as a business partner with creative ideas and innovative products. This will not change in the future.

"In the times of Airbnb, an ever-growing number of tourism businesses and increasingly demanding consumers, it is nice as a hotel and gastronomy business to have someone you can count on. A company with similar quality awareness, with a sense of taste and enjoyment as well as an understanding of the guest can always help you where you are at a loss yourself. Over the years, WIBERG has always stuck to these values and done everything in its power to be a good partner for its customers," explains Ralf Vogt, (former) Commercial Director.


"Knowing where the raw materials come from, especially when buying regionally, creates a connection to the product, the producer and the region."

Philipp Kohlweg, Team Inspiration
Philipp Kohlweg, professional chef and creative head of Team Inspiration.

"The will to create something new is in our DNA and drives us. It's hard to say why, but the desire to create something and the pleasure of perfect products is something that unites us with our customers. We at Team Inspiration speak at many seminars about our products, where they come from and the possibilities they open up for our customers. But it is amazing every time to see the knowledge our customers have about their own raw materials. We travel a lot in our job and the saying that travel educates is definitely true. But food also educates. Knowing where the raw materials come from, especially when buying regionally, creates a connection to the product, the producer and the region. Our customers can often tell really exciting stories about their food. These stories are also important for the guest or end consumer because they often have no idea of the effort that goes into serving them a perfect meal. Speaking of dishes, I am always surprised by how creative our customers are with our products. When we are with them, we too very often go home with new ideas and suggestions," notes Philipp Kohlweg, Team Inspiration, very gratefully.


A question of will

The WIBERG brand has been accompanying customers from the hotel and catering industry for more than 50 years. This spirit, which in addition to values such as quality, taste and enjoyment defines the WIBERG brand, and is the basis for a long-term partnership. The willingness to think outside the box makes it possible to offer a wide and innovative range of products for all catering establishments that stand for a culture of food and enjoyment. Individual products are also possible, because WIBERG expert advisors leave no stone unturned in their efforts to create the perfect recipe for the customer's needs using the wide-ranging possibilities of the almost 1,000 m² technical centre, the mixing laboratory and the test kitchen. The WIBERG brand, with its traditional Austrian roots, the possibilities of an international company cluster and the will to always give the best, will also be able to offer decisive added value in the future.